3D Projection Mapping

This is an early test of 3D projection mapping on a white Styrofoam sphere. Of a rotating 3D earth and a rotating 360 video.

In this preliminary test I use ONE projector to cast an image on the side of a Styrofoam ball.  The image is created as a moving video using After Effects.  2-3 properly placed projectors with the right setup would cast a full 360 image on a sphere. If I had the equipment I would totally do this, but I just have 1 projector for this test.  Results ended up looking fantastic anyway.
Building a quick test grid in After Effects to align the projector. 
Projecting static test grid on white Styrofoam sphere.
A wide shot of the basic test setup.  Projector on bottom right, sphere on top left next to the phone.  After Effects open with the test grid on the computer monitor.
Once aligned, I created a 30 second earth rotation. Photo from behind projector looking at rotating earth on Styrofoam sphere. 
These are 2 other angles of the rotating earth test.
Some video of the rotating earth on the sphere.
360 Video Projected on Sphere (NESTLE, Don't Worry About A Thing)
2nd test.  replaced 3D spinning earth with a rotating 360 Equirectangular video.  Using an effect the rectangular video is mapped into a virtual sphere in After Effects.
Photo from behind the projector looking at the Styrofoam sphere and the video cast on it.
A bit of video of the 360 video being mapped on the sphere.
Short video of the end of the 360 video, from behind projector.
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